Loctite GC10|LoctiteGC10|GC10 Solder Paste|Game Changer Solder Paste.


Grosvenor Associates Corporation Limited was founded in 1992, Operating from a base in Hessle, East Yorkshire. The company is ISO9001 certified and is a technical and specialist supplier of products and services to the manufacturing industry.

Utilising strong and unique bonds with leading global manufacturers, we are able to provide complete technical and professional solutions for a wide variety of production consumables. Our core business is soldering and bonding, but we also have vast experience in other related products such as sealing, lubrication, cleaning, encapsulation and specialist coatings.

For the last 23 years we have expanded to offer customers a full and complete single sourcing solution. This has exposed us to a full and diverse range of products, which can be supplied via traditional stand-alone orders or a complete Vendor Managed Inventory service. 

Grosvenor are official stockists of ‘Loctite GC10’ and are proud to add it to their product offering. The GC10 Solder Paste is the first-ever temperature stable solder paste. The Loctite GC10 (The Game Changer) means no refrigeration, thus eliminating refrigerated warehouse storage and online startup time, as there is no thaw-out period.

With the revolutionary ‘Solder Paste’ you get improved stability,meaning online stencil stability is 3 days at 80% RH and elevated temperature stability is 100x over conventional. The Game Changer gives an abandon time of only 8-24 hours, stencil life of only 16-72 hours, high yield paste volume and is industry-leading in past-transfer efficiency hence, it is a ‘Game Changing Solder Paste’.


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